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Rahmad Darmawan, a True Gentleman

        Indonesia U-23 football manager Rahmad Darmawan calling for sign out from his post. His decision shocking most of football fans, because he did a great job creating Indonesia U-23 football team become a solid team although he failed to present the gold medal.
       “The point is, he felt fail to get gold medal in SEA GAMES,” said Eddy Syahputra, Darmawan’s represent for Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI), at the PSSI headquarter. Eventhough he couldn’t manage his team to win the tournament, public love the way he trains.
        Not only made some various and attractive games yet become tough team to defeat, he also can unite Indonesian squad from the whole places of this country. As we know, Indonesia consists of dozen tribes and nations stretch thousand miles from the West most in Sabang to the East most in Merauke. But Darmawan could compose those talents that spread all of the country to create a solid team. Unfortunately, his team was defeated in penalty shootout against their fierce rival Malaysia in the final stage.
         There is no strong reason to make him out of his post, but he can’t accept failure. He  failed to achieve his goals. Failure is a failure, no matter what people say. So he resigned from his post. Seeing that, it’s so rare in this country, where the public officers always reluctant to quit, althought they are so busted commited in crime and corruption. Really it’s a gentleman act, he choose to resign because of his failure.
But lately, he confirms that he has another reason about his resignation is because PSSI discriminates players from LSI (Liga Super Indonesia) cannot play for national teams because they are playing contrary to LPI (Liga Prima Indonesia). LSI is contra league to LPI created by people who doesn’t content with previous PSSI members. And the next thing, as usual in “political” world, PSSI strikes back with a policy that player who play in LSI cannot play for national team.

Rahmad Darmawan (source from googles)

            “Players from LSI cannot plays for national team. That’s what makes me resign,” said Darmawan in press conference, Thursday (15/12).
             He explained that to build a solid national team we should unite all talents that spread across country not discriminating the player outside legal league. Players must not be a victim from political affairs inside PSSI.
             Doesn’t agree with PSSI policy, he choose to quit from his post. And again I said, he is a true gentleman. He choose not to be a hypocrate, that always show acceptance, but deepdown in heart not agree. A clear attitude that he doesn’t like the policy.
            And one more thing, not only a gentleman, but he also good in reading “language” underneath words. What I’m trying to say is, I think his resignation is a smart decision because he had high bargain position in national team and public opinion. His image is so good in front of public. He had nothing to loose if he quits. Meanwhile, it’s a really lost losing someone as good as Darmawan in national team coach.

Goddamnit ! Really it is a smart gentleman.

16 December 2011
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